When shopping around to rent a photo booth, please pay attention and notice that not all photo booths are the same in the quality of their construction and in the quality of the photo print they produce. Hard body photo booths (like ours!) typical look much nicer than soft body photo booths (the types that look like a tent or pool cabana). Arcade type photo booths, while made of durable steel, are often too small and cramped. As a result, they are not good for big group photos.

Make sure you see a photo of the photo booth you plan to rent and also ask to see what the prints look like. The quality of the photo print can vary tremendously! The image should be well exposed and focused. Please check out our “Recent Booth Parties” on the right side of this page. We guarantee the best photo print in the business!

Finally, are you just getting a photo booth, or does it come accessorized? With a little effort, a few accessories can really make the photo booth look spectacular. We accessorize all of our photo booths with red carpet runners, signs, stanchions and velour ropes – all at no extra charge.

Please contact us for more details! 305-401-0527