Sheila and Bernardo celebrated their wedding reception at the beautiful Coco Plum Women’s Club in Coral Gables. Miami Photo Booth Party has been fortunate to be invited to this venue many times as a vendor for several weddings and other important social events. We have also been to this venue for countless bridal shows hosted by the Coco Plum Club Women’s Club and the Perfect Wedding Guide of South Florida. This venue has always been an excellent choice for weddings, as well as wedding receptions, and this time for Sheila and Bernardo was no different.

Gio was the photo booth attendant for the evening, and he was very excited to partake in this event because it was his first time managing the Open Air Photo booth. The OAPB is named as such because it does not have any sides. It is not enclosed. This truly brings into question if by definition it should  be called a photo booth. But it is indeed! It’s a photo booth whose walls have been removed so that LARGE GROUPS of people can take a photo together. If you view all the photos taken at this party, you will find a couple where 15 people managed to fit in the frame (just barely!).

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Congrats to Sheila and Bernardo!


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