Nathalie's Quince

Nathalie’s Quince at Jungle Island

It was wet, humid , and stormy this past Saturday night, but this did not stop all the fun and excitement that was happening at Jungle Island. In fact, the bad weather actually resulted in Miami Photo Booth Party staying at the venue a while longer free of charge!
(DISCLOSURE: This outcome is not normal and will likely NOT occur if you book us  for your event!!! :))
So who was the lucky girl everyone came for? It was none-other than Nathalie Ayes. She turned 15, and this was her Quince celebration. And quite a celebration it was. The party started at 7:00 pm in the Tree Top Ballroom in the second floor of Miami’s Jungle Island and ran all night until 2:00 AM in the morning.
The photo booth photos speak for themselves. Abraham, the photo booth attendant for this event, did a spectacular job.

Congratulations to Nathalie!