jandacoverThe Coco Plum Woman’s Club was built in 1937. That’s 76 years ago this year. If you’ve never been there, it is a beautiful venue located in the heart of Coral Gables, Florida. The design and architecture of the structure are indicative of the early South Florida lifestyle. Miami Photo Booth Party has been very fortunate to do many wedding parties at this historic venue. The layout is ideal for a wedding reception. You have the main ballroom on the north end and the large “foyer” on the south side. These major rooms are separated by a beautiful courtyard that is often occupied for the cocktail hour.

Jessica and Alex were very excited to have Miami Photo Booth Party at their wedding reception. They wanted everything perfect – right down to the unique logo used on the header of the photo booth strip (the pink and purple elephants pictured above).
We set up the photo booth in the courtyard near the bar (not an uncommon practice :)). All guests had a fun time dressing up and taking silly photos. However, our brave photo booth attendant had a bit of a challenge in keeping the photo booth running. It was actually  “touch and go” a few times throughout the evening because of power fluctuations! Since the venue is so old, they have had power issues in the past. Each year they try to repair and improve the electrical system, but apparently the courtyard is still suffering from unstable power delivery. Fortunately, the interruptions were not  enough to cause a significant disturbance for the guests. We decided, however, that  for any future weddings or events at this venue, we will insist (or perhaps require) on having the photo booth located inside the ballroom area near the stairs on the west side. This location has proven to be the best spot with no electrical trouble.

Congratulations to the Newlyweds!