Photo booths are quite common at weddings nowadays. If installed well they can be a candid highlight of the event… if done improperly they can be a second-rate waste of time and money! So how do you get it right?

Here are few tips that would help you make the most of your wedding photo booth rental in Florida Keys.

1. Choose an Open Booth

Closed booths are awesome for passport photos but not fabulous for weddings. Open booths mean that everyone is high on the fun, lots of people can easily fit in one shot, and placing at your venue is easier and lighting tends to be a lot better too.

2. Position Carefully

Put your booth somewhere out of the way and you won’t get great photos. Most people have found that close to the dance floor with enough room for guests to get in and out is the best place for maximum exposure.

3. Flattering Lighting and Picture Quality

Everyone gets dressed up for a wedding and your photobooth should depict everyone in their best light. Browse through the galleries of a company’s previous events to see the quality of photos they provide and choose one that will retouch pics after the event.

4. Do Something New with a Background

The simpler the backdrop, the more folks want to be clicked in front of it. Striking prints, custom prints, a venue’s wall features, or floral/DIY arrangements are all meant to capture the light.

5. Choose the Right Props

When choosing the best Miami photo booth rental, make sure to choose the right props that are meant to ignite people’s imaginations. You’ve got a wedding photographer for all the serious shots, so you can choose to get wild ones with your booth… custom speech bubbles are cool and chalk board signs enable your guests to become creative.