Though the world has become advanced with new-age technology, there are still few things that have no match. One such thing is photo booth. They are still quite popular among people who love placing them in their events. Alike other elements, they have also become tech-enabled. And when it comes to get the best photo booth rental in Miami, having knowledge about these photo booths makes a difference.

Let’s take a look at these new-age photo booths.

GIF Photo Booths

For the best in self-expression these are all the fury on the internet. GIFs are a string of consecutive still photos taken within seconds which are then magically weaved together to generate an animation. Just tap on the photo booth screen, keep flipping your poses and share the file where ever you want; email, Facebook, twitter. These files are small in size, making it feasible for storing and uploading to your client’s social media platforms and websites for attendees to share to their networks.

Video Booths

Just like photo models, video booths have also grown. You will be astonished what the next stage can do. These typically need a little more space than the conventional 10’ x 10’ booth, but the saying “the more the merrier” rings true as these activation thrive on group experiences. Do ask your photo booth rental in Hialeah for such photo booths.

Non-Conventional Photo Booths

Some booths go much ahead of the photo canvas and create custom activations your guests have yet to experience. For example, Selfie photo booth mixes their studio-class laser cutter and black and white selfie camera for participants to snap, flash and watch as their photos are laser-caramelized onto cookies. Imbibe the sweet aroma of toasted marshmallow to the experience and you’ve got an insta-worthy moment guests will be sure to share. These delightfulsweets are 100% comestible and customizable.

With so many types of photo booths available to choose from, it is no wonder to find that perfect booth for your event.