Having a photo booth at your wedding means heavy fun and unmatched guest engagement. Primarily, it keeps your guests entertained and there is no doubt that people love taking photos!

Next, your guests get to take some kind of memory of the great time they’ve had, home with them to keep forever. And eventually, you get a copy of all the photos to have a giggle over when you return from honeymoon.

Let’s have a look at the top tips in regard to Miami wedding photo booth rental.

1. Do ensure that you let your guests understand that there’s a photo booth on offer and that they can use for unlimited period of time it’s booked for.

2. Booking more hours is typically a better idea, often some people don’t even get a chance to take any photos either because, they didn’t know about the booth being at the venue, or they’re part of the bridal party and had been busy for the past 2 hours.

3. Guest books are truly great! Either buy your own or request one with your quote from a reputed photo booth rental in Key Largo. It enables your guests to paste a strip in and write you a personal message that stands the test of time. They supply you with the pens and glue as well.

There are two primary time slots people typically request the photo booth to be on and running. The first clear choice is “cocktail hour”.

This is when the bridal party or bride and groom start capturing photos with the photographer.

It helps guests by enabling some fun and giving them something to do while they wait for you to done with your couples shoot.

The next is “party time”, this is typically after the speeches are over and when everyone is ready to have a good time!