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Why rent a photo booth?
There is something nostalgic and exciting about photo booths, and they have quickly become the biggest craze and hot new trend at parties. Not only are they incredibly fun and entertaining for your guests to use, but they create amazing memories of your special event. The moment your guests step inside the booth and pull the curtain, something magical happens: giggles, laughter, song, poetry – all begin to emit from inside. No one can resist the fun. The laughter and good times to be had are unlimited, and everyone will remember YOUR party because of it.

Why rent from us?
We have been in the photo booth business since 2005, and are very good at what we do. We have several photo booth models to choose from, and we can provide additional services that will make your event as unique as the host. Our booths are relatively light in construction, offering easy transport and set up. We offer the best value in the market, and we do whatever it takes to deliver on our promise: that your guests will have a fabulous time using our photo booths.

We found cheaper prices on another site. Will you match their offer?
Yes, we will, but only if the offer is truly equal to ours – apples-to-apples. Always ask to see a photo of their photo booth machine and also ask for a sample of their prints. We have heard some real horror stories. You’ve been warned! 🙂

We saw an incredible Groupon offer that beats your price. Why shouldn’t we go with them?
The  short answer is: “Because we are a better value.”

Now for the long answer….
Groupon (and the like) are special offers given by businesses that are either new on the market or at the verge of bankruptcy! The offer is not intended to make a profit for the company but rather to hopefully GROW the business (only Groupon makes a profit). Why is there no profit? Let’s do the math for renting a photo booth and see why:

If our starting photo booth rental price were $695 for 3 hours. Groupon would require us to give the customer a 50% discount as a special offer in order to be on their Groupon Campaign Ad (so you receive an email: “Rent a Photo Booth for just $350!”). If you buy the voucher, Groupon takes an outrages 50% commission from the selling price (50% of $350 is $175)! That leaves us with $175. But wait. What about overhead? The fabulous, hardworking photo booth attendant must get paid (salary: $150), and of course there is the cost of photographic paper and ink for the hundreds of prints your guests will receive ($50 – $75) -not to mention advertising and maintenance costs. Clearly, we would lose money. The numbers just don’t add up for a photo booth rental offer on Groupon.

So where are we going with this? Well, you don’t have to have an MBA to realize that the  marketing strategy described above will fail in the photo booth business. Hence, be leery of anyone selling photo booth services on Groupon. They are probably new to the business and are eagerly trying to get new clients, or are not doing well and are desperate for clients. They are acting irresponsibly collecting money now and not worrying about how they will provide the service later. Read the fine print; often, the offer is “bare bones” with limitations and time expiration, and you will need to pay extra for features that usually are included in a standard photo booth rental package. They are hoping and praying that you will upgrade so that they can actually make a profit. What if you don’t upgrade?

We have done at least two events (weddings), where the client came to us a week before the party hysterical because the photo booth vendor they booked through Groupon had to cancel on them because they were going out of business! We had another client (Quince party) book with us because they bought a Groupon voucher, but when they tried to redeem it for their date, the date was already booked. Sorry, too bad! The voucher was still good, but they had to pick another date!

Can you get a better photo booth rental deal on Groupon? Maybe. If you’re lucky. But why risk ruining one of the most important dates of your life?

How many people can fit in a booth?
Unlike a classical heavy booth which has a stool to sit one person, our booths are roomy and use a bench with a false wall that can accommodate up to 7 to 8 people for an awesome group shot!

Why do a scrapbook?
Dare to be different! Don’t settle for a typical, boring sign-in guestbook. Your photo booth rental can also include a scrapbook to be placed on a table next to the photo booth. You bring a scrapbook of your choice, and we will provide the materials (scissors, glue, pens). The photo booth assistant will help and guide your guests in putting the scrapbook together. Your guests will paste their photos in your scrapbook and include a message or dedication. We guarantee that your final scrapbook (sign-in guestbook) will be unique, fun to read, and, oh yes, quite memorable – truly something you will treasure for the rest of your life.

How will my guests know I want to do a scrapbook with photo booth photos?
The photo booth attendant will tell your guests. However, the best way to let them all know is for you to write a letter explaining what you want them to do. Place the letter in an elegant 8×10 photo frame on the table next to the photo booth. It can say something like this:
Dear Guests,
This photo booth is our gift to you tonight. Please use it as often as you like and have fun. We do ask, however, that you please take a moment to cut out a photo or two and paste it in our scrapbook, along with a message.
Thank you!

What do you need at the venue in order to set up a photo booth?
We need a 10x10ft area; a three prong 115/110v electric outlet within 15ft of our designated area; and an elevator if the location is not in the first floor.

Do you have any recommendations as to where to place the photo booth at the party?”
We recommend you place the photo booth as close to the action as possible or maybe even near the bar. The idea is to make people aware of the photo booth. Once they know, they won’t stop coming back!

How long before I receive my Photo Disc?
We normally ship it out to you the next day after the event.

When will you arrive at our venue?
We like to arrive about one hour before the scheduled start time for the photo booth. This gives us ample time to find our spot at the venue and assemble the photo booth.