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Woman approaching the Party Cube Photo Booth

“We were amazed at the size of this photo booth. It felt like we were entering a room. The plus was that it allowed for awesome group photos. The attendant was friendly and helpful. Keep up the good work.”

Gustavo N.


If you want something showy and loud, then look no further. The Party Cube L.E.D. photo booth is very popular among teenagers and usually finds its way to the wildest birthdays, Mitzvahs, Quince, and Sweet Sixteen parties. Illuminate it any color you like, but make sure you have the room for it! It’s roughly 9×9 feet in area and 9ft tall! Everyone will be talking about it way after the party is over. 

Setup Requirements
    • Indoor Use Only
    • Minimum Space: 12ft. x 12ft. area
    • Power Outlet: Standard 120v within 15ft of booth placement
    • Backdrop: Part of booth – White interior wall.
    • Prop Table (typically provided by venue with matching linens) if using props
    • Elevator – if photo booth placement is not on first floor
    Party Cube at event
    People getting props
    Couple inside Party Cube
    Party Cube Machine
    Couple inside Part Cube
    Couple inside Party Cube

    Cube Prints

    Party Cube Strips
    two girls using Party Cube
    Couple with props in photo booth

    cube events

    Photo Booth Party Cube Montage
    group of friends in photo booth
    Party Cube photo of girls
    family photo in photo booth
    group photo in party cube
    Man starring at Bride and Groom

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