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wide angle Party Pod view
Interior View of Party Pod
Group inside Party Pod
Party Pod L.E.D. Model
Girl inside Party Pod

“The Party Pod was an eye-catcher and complimented our wedding theme perfectly. You guys exceeded our expectations. Thanks again.”

Nelly T.


The Party Pod is our round, stylish, modern photo booth. It is available in white or translucent. In translucent mode, an array of L.E.D. lights is used to illuminate the photo booth in any color you wish. This is great for matching the photo booth color to the theme of your event or to any up-lighting being used at the venue. It looks best in a low-light room setting.

The Party Pod is an indoor photo booth and is recommended for venues with large ballrooms. It requires a minimum working area of 11 ft by 11 ft. Additional space may be required if you wish to have a table for  props and scrap-booking. This model is very popular for weddings and special gala events.

Setup Requirements
  • Indoor Use Only
  • Minimum Space: 11ft. x 11ft. area
  • Power Outlet: Standard 120v within 15ft. of booth placement
  • Backdrop: Part of booth – Light Silver
  • Prop Table (typically provided by venue with matching linens) if using props
  • Elevator – if photo booth placement is not on first floor


Pod Prints

Bride and MOH Party Pod
Three guys
indian girl plus one
girls in a frame

Pod events

Montage of group photo booth photos
Bride and groom with friends in photo booth
Group photo in Party Pod Model Wedding
Collage of people in photo booth
Four Kids in photo photo booth
Bald headed guy in group photo booth

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