Photo Booth Rental

photo booth rental

Photo Booth Rental

Photo booth rental is becoming more and more popular in recent years. It is not unusual to see a photo booth at a social gathering like, for example,  a wedding reception, birthday party, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, corporate event, graduation party, or end of year holiday parties.

Why is Photo Booth Rental So Popular Today?

There is something nostalgic and exciting about photo booths, and they have quickly become the new craze at private events. Not only are they incredibly fun for guests to use (especially if placed near the bar!), but they create amazing memories of your special day. The moment guests step inside the booth and pull the curtain, something magical happens: giggles, laughter, song, poetry – all begin to emit from inside the booth. No one can resist. Some of the funniest and most touching images often happen in our photo booths. The laughter and good times to be had are unlimited, and it is an experience your guests will never forget.

Because of the popularity of the photo booth rental business, many new photo booth models are appearing on the market. At Miami Photo Booth Party, we are offering four different models to our clients. Our clients love the fact that they can choose the style and look of the photo booth they wish to rent.

The open-air model is one of our most popular rentals. It can easily be transported and set up in minutes at a venue. The fact that there are no sides allows for large group photos to be taken. We also offer the traditional photo booth where you have a bench and curtain to draw. This model can only hold about two to three people inside, but it does give you the full photo booth experience.

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