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Photo Mosaics

What is a Photo Mosaic?

A photo mosaic is a large photo created from many smaller photos. Typically, there is some kind of association, or theme, between the large photo mosaic and the smaller photo cells that comprise it.
Our special software utilizes a series of algorithms that analyses the small photos used to build the photo mosaic and determines the best position and coloration to build the photo mosaic.
As an example, we created a photo mosaic portrait of the King of Rock and Roll – Elvis Presley, and the photo cells that make up the mosaic are photos of Elvis throughout his career.

Fun Factor

Photo mosaics are beautiful works of art. Prints can be as small as a poster or as large as a wall mural. With the use of current technologies, photo mosaics offer great entertainment value at social gatherings by allowing people to participate in their creation.
In the corporate world, photo mosaics are an excellent choice for presenting innovative ideas, new products, and employee recognition. They are ideal for corporate parties, trade shows, and conferences.
For example, a company can have a new product that is scheduled to be released and anounced at a special event. The new product can be revealed slowly as a photo mosaic created in real-time. The guests will enjoy the anticipation and suspense generated throughout the duration of the event.
Personal events, such as birthdays and weddings, can also enjoy the fun experience of creating a photo mosaic by using photos taken during the party.


Photo Mosaic Activation

in 4 Simple Steps

Creating a photo mosaic at your next social event is easy. A photo mosaic activation is flexible and can be planned different ways, depending on the type of event and the space and time available. Below are four simple steps to consider when planning your photo mosaic activation.

Step 1: Choose Type of Event

In Person

In Person

The event takes place at a physical venue where all guests attend.

Image Branding on Laptop


The event takes place virtually on social media or video conferencing software.

Step 2: Choose Type of Mosaic

Mosaic Woman

Print Board

Two inch squared photos printed on location are pasted on a large grid board with x/y coordinates. The end result is a large printed composite of the photo mosaic.

TV Display

TV Display

Displays a digital version of the print board that is automatically populated by the small photos as they are sent to the system. No guest participation is necessary. The photo mosaic is built on screen throughout the duration of the event.

Laptop Mosaic

Computer Display

This method is used during virtual events. The photo mosaic is built onscreen throughout the duration of the event. 
You have the option of making it “interactive” by allowing guests to input the coordinates of their photo. The software then emphasizes that particular photo during the presentation.

Step 3: Choose Photo Sources

iPhoto Kiosk Model

Photo Booth

Photos taken at a photo booth can be sent to the photo mosaic system. Access to WiFi at the venue is required.

Event Photography

Event Photographer

Photos taken by an event photographer can be uploaded to the photo mosaic system via WiFi or a usb thumb drive.

Phone Texting

SMS Texting

Guests can take photos with their mobile phone and send the photos by text to a special phone number we provide.


Social Media Hashtags

Guests can post images on Twitter using a unique hashtag and the photo mosaic system will pick up the images.

Photo Folder

Photos Submitted Before Event

Have any special photos that you want to be included in your photo mosaic? Send us the photos BEFORE the event, and we will make sure to add them to the photo mosaic system.

Step 4: Delivery


In a virtual setup, we will provide you with a unique url dedicated just to your photo mosaic. This microsite is LIVE and will show the gradual creation of your photo mosaic.
Please view the high speed video example and watch the photo mosaic reveal itself over time.

Recap Video

After your event, we can provide a recap video of your photo mosaic. It is a beautiful 3D presentation.

high rez image

High Resolution Digital Image

We can provide you with a high resolution digital image of your photo mosaic. This digital file is large enough to produce a print of your photo mosaic in actual size.

Print Board

Print Board Image

Completed print boards of your photo mosaic can be framed and kept as a keepsake.

framed monroe print

Large Frame Print

For a more professional finish, we can create a large print of your photo mosaic and include a custom frame of your choice.

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