Pylon Roaming Booth


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man using Pylon
Close up of Pylon
Woman looking at herself in photo booth

“Everyone loved the photo booth. The L.E.D. light ring would change colors as people used it. That was dope. The other cool thing about it was that it was mobile. The attendant pulled off the top section and started walking around with it to get people to take photos. Nobody was able to get away! LOL”

Rick J.


The Pylon is a twist on the modern kiosk photo booth. First, you have the ring L.E.D. that serves as the light source for the photos and can also be configured to illuminate in any color or combination of colors while users make their selections.

The user experience is also extraordinary with animations and lots of options including retake options, photo layout design options, sending photos via email, texting and social media sharing. The Pylon body can also be wrapped and branded.

Don’t have any space at your venue to set up a photo booth? Is your event taking place on a small yacht? A unique feature of the Pylon is that it is totally mobile. It is a roaming photo booth. The head section of the booth can be carried and controlled wirelessly by the attendant. The attendant can actually go to where the guests are and encourage people to take a photo. This approach is an excellent way to increase the number of people that take photos with the photo booth and even allows people with walking disabilities to have an opportunity to enjoy the photo booth.

Setup Requirements

Stand Mode

  • Indoor or Outdoor Use
  • Outdoor Use: Must be under cover/ceiling and ground must be level and solid. No sand, soil, or grass.
  • Minimum Space: 8ft. x 8ft. area
  • Power Outlet: Standard 120v within 15ft of booth placement
  • Backdrop: Optional
  • Prop Table (typically provided by venue with matching linens) if planning to use props.
  • Elevator – if photo booth placement is not on first floor

Roaming Mode

  • Indoor or Outdoor Use
  • Minimum Space: none
  • No Props
  • No prints
  • Elevator – if photo booth placement is not on first floor


pylon booth prints

Three diner employees sitting at table
Girl in bikini

pylon booth events

frame photo booth
Bride and groom in Jail
family photo in photo booth
Beach Party Photo
Halloween costumes group
Motor Cycle Photo Booth

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